10 Stays That Will Make You Come Welcome to Furnishing Yours

10 Stays That Will Make You Come Welcome to Furnishing Yours


The furnishing of the living room is almost infinite, in terms of style, materials, colors and furnishing; It is up to us, therefore, to decide which of the above variants are closer to our tastes, not forgetting to consider carefully also variables such as the location of the dwelling (sea, mountain or city) and the degree of illumination benefited by the interiors .

That said, we list a series of beautiful stays solasbars, each of which approaches a specific style, but without hugging it totally, but including raids of other styles, quick as brushstrokes. Let yourself be led into these jewels and do not hesitate to pinpoint the ideas that will affect your imagination!

Integrated spaces and neutral tones

Integrated spaces are becoming more and more common in contemporary homes because they facilitate light circles as well as airflow, especially when it comes to small dwellings. Distances are shortened, divisions are canceled or reduced to the minimum, in the name of a space communication that represents the quintessence of modernity. What about neutral colors They have always been a symbol of refinement and relaxation, even in the darkest shades, the latter being preferably used for some small object.

Total white

For a few years the trend of white is still a favorite tones in many of the spaces in the house for many algid and distant, for others extremely elegant, white remains a color of paramount importance for the walls but also for all the other elements that make up An environment, especially when the latter has small and, worse, low natural light; Rushing to repairs means preferring very clear colors (in case, indulging in some color raid for small objects, pillows or vases) and artificial lighting studied in detail. Also, if you want to break the white plastic effect, you can opt for a carpet like the one in the picture, iridescent and soft. Do not forget to exalt any paintings, canvases or photographs hanging on the wall to create an even more refined atmosphere.

Dark tones and movement

Do not think the dark colors are banned from home! The important thing is that they are balanced and that’s why we strongly recommend that you rely on the hands of an expert. The example that we show you is emblematic because it is a good example of the potential of dark colors, if used properly the environment is simple but refined, featuring various shades of gray to a blue ash indigo and dark blue. Behind the couch there is a huge floral design that gives dynamism to the entire space.

Stone and wood

In our opinion, nothing arouses more interest in wood and stone than two natural elements that still do not lose their primordial force today. Both are able to accommodate the most varied styles, fondendovisi with the least effort; In the example of the image, we see a unique stone wall and a ceiling with beams and alternate stucco, while elegant and white furnishings fill the space in a delicate and luminous way. In order to avoid the cave effect, we recommend that you use this binomial in large windows.

Vintage strokes

A heavenly wall, a minimal white sofa, Scandinavian style chairs and tables, and the game is made the perfect combination to accommodate some vintage furnishings to give personality to your stay! For those who would not like to have a living so young and trendy, not forgetting to leave room to that part of us tied to the past, represented in the example from the chair in yellow mustard. A real delight!

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