17 Great Ideas for Installing a Garden Curtain

17 Great Ideas for Installing a Garden Curtain

Fundamentals to protect us from the sun’s rays during the hot summer days the curtains are also a precious decorative element that can give a completely renovated look to our garden. So let’s go through the next pictures and let us get the suggestions from our experts we’ll find 17 wonderful ideas to install a garden tent and give life to charming corners, perfect for relaxing or receiving our guests. We just have to let us inspire …
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An eye-catching design

The awnings are a good solution for creating a shady shelter in the garden. On the market you can find attractive and diverse design models depending on our needs and personal taste.

A double tent

It is possible to find curtains for each size and requirement if the space to be protected is wide we may even consider the idea of ??a double tent as we see in this example.

Bright colors

On the market you can also find tents with vibrant colors to add a touch of cheerfulness to our garden.

A shelter not only for the sun but also for the rain

In addition to protecting from the sun, the curtains are also an effective shelter from the rain, as we can admire in this case.

A modern steel structure

Aesthetics and functionality Designed to meet both requirements this elegant and modern steel structure with adjustable panels as needed. If the idea intrigues us, we may request an inspection and a quote to a company specializing in supplying outdoor curtains.

A traditional umbrella

Do not forget the umbrellas, the shelter for excellence even if smaller than the tents, they are still extremely flexible. Also today, the market offers a wide range of models, including some featuring a stylish and modern design.

A double protection

If the sun is particularly brisk, we could choose a curtain with a double protection and extensible arms, as the example shown in this image.

A customizable design

Various curtain models allow you to custom tailor, depending on your needs.

A roller blind

Solarium or dining room a roller blind can be used to transform the terrace or the garden according to the season and the need of the moment.

A pergola in electric adjustment fabric

On the market you can also find innovative electric adjustment systems that allow you to change the appearance of the fabric pergola with a simple remote control.

A small patio

We would like to create a comfortable patio for outdoor dining in the garden, but we do not intend to deal with the discomfort (and cost) of a building intervention Then this practical, non-removable structure could be the right solution for us.

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