God The Father
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This is a true story about Mafia, Money, Love, Loyalty and God ...

GOD THE FATHER takes us on an 'untold' personal journey of Michael Franzese, a young and charismatic Capo in the Colombo Crime Family during the 1980's-90's who's notorious father, Sonny Franzese was also a renowned Underboss. After exposing his own father, who went along with a contract to end his life, Michael made the decision to leave the 'Life' and publicly walked away from organized crime. During his time in prison, Michael encountered God. He credits the love of his wife and God's mercy for sustaining him throughout his journey to freedom.

This film tells a story of redemption. It's an epic love story between a man and woman but also a Heavenly Father in pursuit of his beloved son.

On Oct. 31st, This powerful, true life story is coming to the big screen in select theaters nationwide.

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We want to make sure your community has the opportunity to experience God The Father when it releases on October 31st. With a commitment to buy at least 500 tickets in advance on opening weekend, you can bring the powerful film God the Father to your local theater. Partner with local churches, ministries and other individuals to bring this film to your area!

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