Buying Good Clothes – Tops and Bottoms

As said by American writer, Mark Twain, “clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” It is also true for simple personal thing, having good clothes can improve your attitude and give you a sense of importance. Moreover, it is also said that the first step to confidence is having self-confidence and liking what you see in the mirror. Clothes, tops and bottoms, are able to help if chosen and worn properly.

Wear the right kind of clothes for your body

Good clothing – tops and bottoms – usually starts with the fit. When you purchase pants, make sure that they fit well. Different pants will compliment you in different ways, depending on your body type. If you wish for longer and slimmer figure, you may choose thicker vertical lines in plaids. Your torso can be shortened or narrowed with seam lines, belts, bows and collars. For creating an illusion, knitted texture, lace, floral, prints, and plaids can be really helpful.

Wear clothes that will highlight your best parts and evoke the illusion of a very fit body

Thinner or sheer fabrics can create slimmer illusion, but you have to remember to wear thank or camisole under those see-through materials. Top and bottoms in one color will make your appearance look thinner, yet still put different shades of the same color. Avoid wearing too tight or too big clothes because they will just make you look bigger. Also, pick your accessories carefully, in which too many accessories will give you the illusion of being too big.

You may also choose good clothes – top and bottoms – based on their quality which is differs from brand to brand. Each manufacture indeed has its own measurement standards of size which is usually varied from one another. Go for the right one which fits your shape is still the most important thing.

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