Intel Coorporation is the name of the company that is involved in the business of making processor. Intel Coorporation itself is an American multinational company that has its headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. The Intel company stood on July 18, 1968. The name Intel used was derived from its hugecompare.com


.           Intel company is engaged in the manufacture of Processor, GPU Card and Built-in GPU (Graphic Card / which we often call VGA Card), Sound Card and Build in Soundcard, and other computer component components. For now Intel itself has issued the fastest processor named Intel Core I7 series with the highest number of cores as many as 6 cores that have the highest data transfer speed up to 3.6 GHz * taken from wikipedia *.


Advanced Micro Devices or we are familiar with the name AMD is a widespread American company engaged in the field of computer electronics. AMD has its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, Calfornia. AMD also had time to acquire brand graphics card ATI which until now we can meet with the title ATI Radeon. AMD itself is engaged in making processor (micro processor and built-in processor), GPU card (ATI, Graphics Card), and Motherboard Chipset.

AMD has now released its fastest processor named AMD FX series with eight thread processors with the highest number of cores 8/4 dnegan 5 GHz * data taken from wikipedia *


Most people believe that the AMD processor is easily hot, resulting in the rapid destruction of computers. Why is that ? As we know AMD Processor will try to maintain its data transfer rate while processing so as to produce the same stable steady speed and heat. If the Heatsink is not able to take the heat out and fan processor decreased performance, AMD will try to maintain its speed which resulted in excessive heat.


Different from AMD Processor, Intel processor has a system capable of degrading processor performance which if CPU has unnatural heat, processor will by itself degrade its transfer rate performance in order to avoid over heat which can damage / Burn processor. But thus Intel processor transfer speeds become less stable when compared to AMD.



For those of you who are confused to choose the processor, you can compare the budget that is owned by considering the speed of data transfer between processor owned by Intel and also AMD. Basically the shortcomings of these two processors can be overcome with a supportive cooler. By providing a good cooler then your AMD processor will not experience a meaningful interruption while for intel ups and downs of transfer rates we will not feel great.

I personally suggest to use an Intel processor but for those of you who need / pursue high performance you can choose to use AMD processor