Success Lessons From Dream League Soccer – How To Win Lose In The Game Of Life

Dream League Soccer games are all about accomplishing goals and being winners. As a result, Dream League Soccer can hold a mirror up to life because many humans also want to achieve aims and also to be winners in the sport of life. There’s a lot to be learned about life generally from Dream League Soccer players, both managers, and commentators.

When you listen to commentators on Dream League Soccer matches, the keywords that they use again and again when groups are winning are phrases regarding personality and attitude like belief, excitement, confidence, effort and so on. Dream League Soccer hack, skills and strategies are important but mean little without the ideal attitude.

Team managers urge their gamers to reveal attention, determination and utmost effort.

I love listening to the comments of the fantastic Dream League Soccer managers. They’ve all been to hell and back. They’re praised and popular if their teams win. They are criticised and sacked when their teams don’t win. They understand the heights of elation and the depths of grief. They have to find strategies to deal with both and also to keep motivating their teams to win.

Gordon Strachan took over as manager of Celtic, among the top two clubs in Scotland, in 2005. It Wasn’t long until he experienced “the worst night of my life”

Bratislava conquers Celtic 5-0 in the Champions League, the top European competition. His watch ceased after the game and he wears it to remind himself that it was the worst night of his lifetime. Celtic, the pride of Scotland, was humiliated by a famous group.

Other failures seemed little to him by comparison. We can all learn to take care of difficult situations by depriving of extreme scenarios previously or by imagining how much worse our own lives might be than they actually are.

None of us knows for certain what will happen to us tomorrow. We could be severely ill or even dead. Gordon has faced this possibility. He told the media that on his gravestone He’d like these words carved:

“This is far better than the night in Bratislava.”

He utilizes the humor of exaggeration to take care of the criticisms of the media when things go wrong. A reporter commented when his team dropped a match in Scotland:

“Bang, there goes your unbeaten run. Can you take it? ”

“No,” said Strachan. I will go home,
become an alcoholic and maybe jump off a bridge. Hmmm…. I Believe I can
Take that, yeah.”

He understands the importance of positive thinking if you want to accomplish success.


Strachan replied: “Aside from yourself, we’re all quite positive round here.


Strachan often talks with disarming honesty and schoolboy cheek. He’s about to admit that he and his players aren’t always at their best. He’s ready to face reality. Facing up to reality is a key characteristic of this successful.


Strachan responded: “What areas? Mainly that big green one out there…”

Strachan has had his beats but lately, he’s led his latest team, Celtic, to an undisputed victory in the Premier League. He is widely accepted as a great manager.

One other great supervisor now works in the English Premier League. He’s Jose Mourinho, the manager of Chelsea. He wants only to be judged by the results. A good manager wins. A poor one loses:

“I am not a defender of new or old Dream League Soccer managers. I think in good ones and bad ones; people that achieve success and the ones who don’t. Please do not call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one”

As the title ‘the special one’ indicates he believes in himself in a large way. A vital component in his success in England is that his self-belief and also a wealthy Russian backer who enables him to purchase the best players in Europe. You can safely wager cash that Chelsea will win almost all their games.

The chances aren’t good but you could put #100 on Chelsea to win and make a simple #26 from your wager. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily work out. No team is ideal!

Mourinho is enthusiastic about Dream League Soccer but retains his sense of perspective and humor. Recently he had been asked in London when he had been concerned about losing the championship to his main rivals, Manchester United.

“No, I am more concerned about bird ‘flu.” The assembled press started laughing.

“Seriously; it’s that swan in Scotland that worries me. It is not that far from here!” (The swan was the first monster with bird ‘flu in the UK in 2006)

Over the past couple of weeks, his group, Chelsea, were famous for having players sent off to breaking rules. When Jose was asked about his success away from home from West Brom, he remarked:

That is our very best strategy right now.”

However, he realizes that the main motive Chelsea win so frequently is as follows:”We have top players and, sorry if I’m arrogant, we’ve got a top manager.”

Public confidence is indeed infrequent in the UK that it is often mistaken for instance.

Jose doesn’t believe in having favorites; he believes in the power of this group as Opposed to the person:

“I don’t want special connections with a few of these (his players). I hate to speak about folks. Players do not win you trophies, teams acquire trophies, squads win trophies.”

He commented regarding his players in a match with Burnley which finished in a 2-2 draw:

“When the audience was on their backs no one wanted to try anything in case they got booed. They had been defensive and wished to avoid errors”

Harry knows human psychology. If we are overly concerned about appearing foolish or making mistakes we will neglect to make things happen and we are not going to make full use of our skills. We go into our shells and play safe.

I remember feeling like this when I played cricket at school. I tried to avoid being anywhere close to the ball in case I fell a catch. It had been many years until I realized that I was quite proficient at catching!

A commentator remarked: “Harry knows how to receive his teams moving and how to restore their confidence. Now they expect to win at Fratton Park (the Portsmouth ground). They firmly believe they will triumph.” Recently they have won three games in a row and are on their method of escaping relegation to a lesser branch.

Another supervisor, Stuart Pierce, of Manchester City also knows the value of assurance: “We will need to go out and really believe we could play a bit.”

What key success lessons can we learn from the preceding?

Skill is important but the attitude is even more significant. We ought to expect to win and not reveal too much respect for those barriers in our path if they’re individual or otherwise and if they are real or imaginary. We will need to think about our own ability and expect to win even if this makes us seem arrogant.

We should manage failures by reminding ourselves that things could be a lot worse. Retaining our sense of humor also helps. Teamwork is a key factor in various kinds of achievement. We shouldn’t be concerned about making mistakes if we are playing Dream League Soccer or cricket or the sport of life.

We will need to face up to reality and be ready to be judged by the results we achieve as well as the effort we put in. On the whole, I think, the effort we expend is more significant. We can’t always control the outcomes but we could control the effort we install. The same supervisor can lose with a single team and triumph with another. He is still the same man and he still made the very same efforts.

I’ll give you the Last quotation from Gordon Strachan who was both a winning and a losing supervisor:


“Velocity”, responded Gordon as he walked.

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Merging of Media

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