Intel Coorporation is the name of the company that is involved in the business of making processor. Intel Coorporation itself is an American multinational company that has its headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. The Intel company stood on July 18, 1968. The name Intel used was derived from its hugecompare.com


.           Intel company is engaged in the manufacture of Processor, GPU Card and Built-in GPU (Graphic Card / which we often call VGA Card), Sound Card and Build in Soundcard, and other computer component components. For now Intel itself has issued the fastest processor named Intel Core I7 series with the highest number of cores as many as 6 cores that have the highest data transfer speed up to 3.6 GHz * taken from wikipedia *.


Advanced Micro Devices or we are familiar with the name AMD is a widespread American company engaged in the field of computer electronics. AMD has its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, Calfornia. AMD also had time to acquire brand graphics card ATI which until now we can meet with the title ATI Radeon. AMD itself is engaged in making processor (micro processor and built-in processor), GPU card (ATI, Graphics Card), and Motherboard Chipset.

AMD has now released its fastest processor named AMD FX series with eight thread processors with the highest number of cores 8/4 dnegan 5 GHz * data taken from wikipedia *


Most people believe that the AMD processor is easily hot, resulting in the rapid destruction of computers. Why is that ? As we know AMD Processor will try to maintain its data transfer rate while processing so as to produce the same stable steady speed and heat. If the Heatsink is not able to take the heat out and fan processor decreased performance, AMD will try to maintain its speed which resulted in excessive heat.


Different from AMD Processor, Intel processor has a system capable of degrading processor performance which if CPU has unnatural heat, processor will by itself degrade its transfer rate performance in order to avoid over heat which can damage / Burn processor. But thus Intel processor transfer speeds become less stable when compared to AMD.



For those of you who are confused to choose the processor, you can compare the budget that is owned by considering the speed of data transfer between processor owned by Intel and also AMD. Basically the shortcomings of these two processors can be overcome with a supportive cooler. By providing a good cooler then your AMD processor will not experience a meaningful interruption while for intel ups and downs of transfer rates we will not feel great.

I personally suggest to use an Intel processor but for those of you who need / pursue high performance you can choose to use AMD processor

Hitch Cargo Carrier Types to Choose

cargo carrierMany types of hitch cargo carrier you may choose. The first is enclosed cargo carrier  which gives you great protection from theft and harsh weather. It also has a rugged design, and it offers ample interior space for your gear. If you want something removable, you can find it here because several enclosed carriers can be removed although some trays even tilt up. The reason for it is to reduce space when it is not in use. It has two different functions, and it allows the easy access to the rear cargo area. You can have lighting kits too because large carriers can block vehicles tail lights.

Another one is wheel chair cargo carrier. It helps you to load and transport your mobility equipment easily.if you do not like this type, you can get for to another type of hitch cargo carrier called motorcycle carriers which slide into 2 trailer hitches, so that loading and transporting your bikes is a simple thing you can do. You really do not need to worry about anything because this kind of carrier could accommodate a various type of bikes. Struggling or choppers will not happen to you.

The next type is hitch load extenders. This is a problem solving because it is shaped like a goalpost, so a hitch load extender could fit into a trailer hitch receiver and provide extra stability for long items. It has a telescoping design, and it allows the upright bar to adjust and to accommodate different vehicle heights and sit level. Well, it is your time to choose one of them and keep to understand the function of each type. You will have a new experience on traveling if you use one of those items. Now, you can have it at an affordable price too. Check the worldwide online market now and see the detail!

Why Should I Choose Camo Diaper Bag?

diaper bagThe question of why will come to our mind in everything, but in making a decision of buying something, we will have too many why questions in our mind. Now you will find a question of the reason for choosing Camo diaper bag. The reason for every people might be different, but most of them will say that this kind of bag looks more charming and efficient, so that you can reuse it later as the travel bag without decreasing its true function as the diaper bag. The color of camo is already set, and the concept of the army will never end.

You can come with many styles of bags like sling or backpack, but the most suitable style for Camo diaper bag is a backpack. Camo style should look brave and casual. If you want to look feminine, this bag is not the answer to you. The right concept of the bag is what you have to deal including the material. Choose something washable to keep the bag always clean. Most of the camo styles come from the washable material, so you get the right decision on choosing camo with you.

Another important aspect of diaper bag is its amount of pockets. You need extra pockets, and it is not only for baby necessities but also for you and your partner stuff like the car key and the mobile. You do not need to worry about the camo style you have as long as it is clean and people will see the light color of it so peaceful and full of happiness. Try to put the insulated nipple in the bag. You can have the small one, but it will be less meaningful so that it is better to have the bigger one with many spaces and pockets. It is better to put your house in it too if it is possible. Lol.

Buying Good Clothes – Tops and Bottoms

As said by American writer, Mark Twain, “clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” It is also true for simple personal thing, having good clothes can improve your attitude and give you a sense of importance. Moreover, it is also said that the first step to confidence is having self-confidence and liking what you see in the mirror. Clothes, tops and bottoms, are able to help if chosen and worn properly.

Wear the right kind of clothes for your body

Good clothing – tops and bottoms – usually starts with the fit. When you purchase pants, make sure that they fit well. Different pants will compliment you in different ways, depending on your body type. If you wish for longer and slimmer figure, you may choose thicker vertical lines in plaids. Your torso can be shortened or narrowed with seam lines, belts, bows and collars. For creating an illusion, knitted texture, lace, floral, prints, and plaids can be really helpful.

Wear clothes that will highlight your best parts and evoke the illusion of a very fit body

Thinner or sheer fabrics can create slimmer illusion, but you have to remember to wear thank or camisole under those see-through materials. Top and bottoms in one color will make your appearance look thinner, yet still put different shades of the same color. Avoid wearing too tight or too big clothes because they will just make you look bigger. Also, pick your accessories carefully, in which too many accessories will give you the illusion of being too big.

You may also choose good clothes – top and bottoms – based on their quality which is differs from brand to brand. Each manufacture indeed has its own measurement standards of size which is usually varied from one another. Go for the right one which fits your shape is still the most important thing.

Selected by Editorial Board Parrot Minidrone Airborne Cargo Travis

Selected by Editorial Board Parrot Minidrone Airborne Cargo Travis

Parrot is among the most sought-after brands and considered by potential buyers of drones and quadricots because it always has the most cutting edge and most quality models. This drone is mostly voted for entertainment, in fact it is an acrobatic drone that can make various evolutions in the air if you know how to drive well. It looks like a great hobby for even the smallest, because it has joints on its upper part so that we can include buildings or action figures, in fact the body has the original design of a taxi for this reason. Another advantage is that you will not need a joypad to control this quadricopter as it is pilotable with a smartphone application called Free Flight 3.


It also has an integrated video camera and in this way makes it suitable for even more professional use , Although the low resolution does not guarantee high-quality shooting. We are slightly above the standard with approximately 9 minutes of its 550 mAh battery capacity sewa mesin fotocopy jakarta. The ultimate value is the presence of LEDs that make a very bright light. We recommend this drone in particular for the excellent performance ratio.Illumination, has concave ergonomic buttons and they too much solid. Finally, there are the function keys that also act as quick commands for controlling the multimedia files.


Best economic drones Ods 37928

Ods is one of the most well-known brands when buying a drone as it always delivers high-quality products at a very affordable price, and so did the quadricopter. The advantage of this drone is the very useful and excellent stability control with a six-axis gyroscope that makes it really easy to drive like a radio controlled car. It has enough faith in the VGA camcorder that registers on a 1GB micro SD packed in the box. But the biggest advantage is the materials with which it is made that they are really very durable even though they are cheap, and in addition there are also eight spare propellers in the box if the four supplied have problems. Also the presence of LED lights makes it perfectly visible in low light conditions and also have the function of flashing when the battery is being released. For its band the only disadvantage is the 8-minute autonomy that could be better.

Photographic Composition Portraits On The Canvas

Photographic Composition Portraits On The Canvas

A close up of a person or animal follows and does not follow the rule of thirds. It does not follow it because our subject will fill the entire field of the photo, follow it as the details of our subject should be strategically positioned. The eyes at the intersection point of the lines, the mouth or the line of eyes on the horizontal lines of the third party grid. Use a telephoto lens to make a portrait of a lens with a short focal length you will gain in depth and especially in the blurry effect for the background.

The lines and forms are our allies

Lines and geometric shapes are fundamental to building a beautiful scene there are those who built us on a full-time career as a photographer! The lines are able to provide them with different feelings as we will see better later sewa lcd proyektor semarang. I go for the shapes as it may seem strange, the photo of a basket can even say more than a photo of a city panorama the first photo actually contains little information, a few lines, clean shapes. The second can contain a bunch of lines, colors, and shapes that make the scene indecipherable or heavy. Obviously also to the lights and the shadows where there are lines often and willfully we will find ourselves also with particularly sharpened chiaroscuro games. Something we have to learn to treasure.Only fault, the lines are a bit crooked but it is the fault of the perspective and the snap point.

Approach, more, more …

The roots, as mentioned before, do not have them. And if moving around is to find unusual shots, moving around also serves to avoid zooming. Approaching our subject, perhaps using a large opening, allows us to limit the depth of field and fill the scene.

Ah, the hot tones

Take when the sun is low on the horizon, like sunset or dawn. In these hours the light crosses more atmosphere and the diffraction absorption effects are greater than a zenith sun situation. It follows that the colors are much warmer. A picture in these conditions is more poetic. Do not you want to dawn No problem white balance helps us. During the day, with full sunlight, move the white balance to NUDE the machine processor will compensate slightly by increasing red and yellow, creating a minimum of sunset effect.

These Are The Things That Need To Disappear From Your Kitchen!

These Are The Things That Need To Disappear From Your Kitchen!

Empty bottles, cups of any color, old faded rubbers … this scenario is familiar to you If you answered yes then you have to read this article! In many kitchens there are so many unnecessary objects, unused utensils, never used reusable envelopes, and ever-open kitchen books. The result The total chaos, an overwhelming feeling! This clearly has a negative impact on the design of the kitchen, which in full disorder will never be valued as it should.

Cooking books

Let’s talk about it, no one really reads cooking books anymore. Now the recipes are on the internet, for example if you want to cook a chocolate flan, online you will find all the possible variants, with attached suggestions for trimming! So, why block your work plan unnecessarily

Colored cups

The colored cups are adorable, they like everyone. But we all have a number of friends to return from a trip to bring a gift a souvenir cup, so in the end you end up with a plethora of cups of every shape, color and size, destined to occupy a lot of space, no Never be used – because, you know, everyone has their own favorite cup for breakfast. So, betrothed to sentimentality, do it!

Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags, those weave, are undoubtedly useful, but how many will they ever need Once you have one, you’re in place, do not collect them!
Advance food takeaway

Throwing away food is an insult to misery, but unfortunately often happens, especially when you take out takeaway. The best thing is to think about it before and order it less.

Old faded towels

Walking into a kitchen and find the faded towels, maybe full of holes, used for years, immediately gives a feeling of squalor and neglect. Every time you do a sorting and throw away those too old, perhaps replacing them with other colorful, your kitchen will benefit!
Envelopes in the supermarket

Keeping the supermarket plastic bags does not serve anything.

Unnecessary equipment

Everyone in the kitchen has some items that we do not usually use or that we have never used. Ultra-technological blenders, tools to sliced ??vegetables in an aesthetically perfect way … tell the truth, do you really need it Or do they only occupy space unnecessarily

An immense set of kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are useful, nothing to complain about. But honestly, how many do you use them Do not let yourself be dragged from the current mode or teleshopping and keep in the kitchen only the ones you actually use.

Whole Costumes, The Most Beautiful Of Summer 2014

Whole Costumes, The Most Beautiful Of Summer 2014

Again this year the entire costume is confirmed by the must have to wear on the beach and put it in suitcase. It is pretty good for everyone, however, choosing a model suitable for camouflaging defects and small blemishes, and you should wear it in the afternoon or not during the hottest hours of the day, and absolutely never in the sun.

Just like last year sewa perlengkapan bayi, but with a lot of determination, the whole costume is back to be one of the musts of the summer 2014 thanks to the outbreak of our favorite brands and designers who have been very good at reinventing a cult that up to some A year ago we probably would not have worn it because it would make us feel old, years when wearing a whole piece meant no longer having the physical for the bikini.

This year instead the choice of costume and model becomes only and exclusively a matter of style, and far from being considered retro or older, the whole costume becomes one of the musts to put in suitcase and wear on vacation.

Whole costume is it good for everyone

Unlike the bikini that in some cases may not put us at ease, the whole costume is one of those garments that if chosen with care can fit to any kind of physical, and no doubt for a couple of years the piece Unique , as we once called it, is one of the most curvy models, but not only. Whether you have a longline or buttery silhouette, it’s important to choose the right model for your line, trying to mask imperfections and defects. If, for example, this year you feel you have not passed the bikini test for full marks to find yourself in that bountiful bacon binge, then your choice will have to fall on a full swimsuit with rotten belts to disguise the waistline. Anyone who has a small breasts, as the whole costume tends to flatten the shapes, should wear one with preformed cups, so as to avoid the surfboard effect.

Whole part when wearing it

Not for the first sun, unless you want to find yourself with your whole white belly, risking you feel uncomfortable as soon as you wear a bikini. The overall costume in general is more suitable for the afternoon and should not be worn during the hottest hours of the day unless you decide to stay under the umbrella.

Are you this year also tempted by the whole costume Try to take a look at our gallery!

Photographic Composition – The Golden Rule

Photographic Composition – The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a rule less and less used in photography although there are examples and photographers who still engage in applying it. Historically the golden rule experienced its greatest splendor during the Renaissance, when it was often used by some of the great masters of painting, but its roots lie in ancient Greece.

The Golden Rule considers a fundamental part of an image that is located in the lower right corner of the scene akusaraprosound. The image then protrudes upwards for a quarter and to the left of a further quarter. In case, however, reasons to Arabic (then reading from right to left) the golden rule must be overturned and the predominant angle is the one at the bottom left. The reading direction is therefore the discriminating our brain tends to focus right in the area where ends the writing so it is in that area that should be entered the most important content of our image.The latter in fact has radically changed in moving with a form that is so unlike from the first to engage our brains more than the square to locate the simile with the first triangle.

The golden rule is based on the so-called golden number the latter indicates the relationship between two different lengths of which the greater is the average proportional between the minor and the sum of the two. The same ratio should also be between the smaller length and their difference. But maybe it’s best to write it in the form of a formula. Defined at the longest length and b the lower length, we have

This ratio is approximately 1.6180 and is expressed by the formula

This value, called the golden section or gold number, is an irrational number, so it can not be represented by fraction of integers. The Aura number can be approximated by the relationships between two successive terms of the Fibonacci sequence (to which it is bound).

Starting from this value, you can build a set of figures along which to develop the image. The shell above is the most common example if you put a ruler you will realize how all the sides are related to the gold number. But this is not the only design obtainable the golden triangle, for example, was used by Leonardo in the Gioconda.

In photography, the golden rule, to be honest, is often used unconsciously

Or in an even simpler and more banal way

17 Great Ideas for Installing a Garden Curtain

17 Great Ideas for Installing a Garden Curtain

Fundamentals to protect us from the sun’s rays during the hot summer days the curtains are also a precious decorative element that can give a completely renovated look to our garden. So let’s go through the next pictures and let us get the suggestions from our experts we’ll find 17 wonderful ideas to install a garden tent and give life to charming corners, perfect for relaxing or receiving our guests. We just have to let us inspire …
In style press profile homify

An eye-catching design

The awnings are a good solution for creating a shady shelter in the garden. On the market you can find attractive and diverse design models depending on our needs and personal taste.

A double tent

It is possible to find curtains for each size and requirement if the space to be protected is wide we may even consider the idea of ??a double tent as we see in this example.

Bright colors

On the market you can also find tents with vibrant colors to add a touch of cheerfulness to our garden.

A shelter not only for the sun but also for the rain

In addition to protecting from the sun, the curtains are also an effective shelter from the rain, as we can admire in this case.

A modern steel structure

Aesthetics and functionality Designed to meet both requirements this elegant and modern steel structure with adjustable panels as needed. If the idea intrigues us, we may request an inspection and a quote to a company specializing in supplying outdoor curtains.

A traditional umbrella

Do not forget the umbrellas, the shelter for excellence even if smaller than the tents, they are still extremely flexible. Also today, the market offers a wide range of models, including some featuring a stylish and modern design.

A double protection

If the sun is particularly brisk, we could choose a curtain with a double protection and extensible arms, as the example shown in this image.

A customizable design

Various curtain models allow you to custom tailor, depending on your needs.

A roller blind

Solarium or dining room a roller blind can be used to transform the terrace or the garden according to the season and the need of the moment.

A pergola in electric adjustment fabric

On the market you can also find innovative electric adjustment systems that allow you to change the appearance of the fabric pergola with a simple remote control.

A small patio

We would like to create a comfortable patio for outdoor dining in the garden, but we do not intend to deal with the discomfort (and cost) of a building intervention Then this practical, non-removable structure could be the right solution for us.