Photographic Composition Portraits On The Canvas

Photographic Composition Portraits On The Canvas

A close up of a person or animal follows and does not follow the rule of thirds. It does not follow it because our subject will fill the entire field of the photo, follow it as the details of our subject should be strategically positioned. The eyes at the intersection point of the lines, the mouth or the line of eyes on the horizontal lines of the third party grid. Use a telephoto lens to make a portrait of a lens with a short focal length you will gain in depth and especially in the blurry effect for the background.

The lines and forms are our allies

Lines and geometric shapes are fundamental to building a beautiful scene there are those who built us on a full-time career as a photographer! The lines are able to provide them with different feelings as we will see better later sewa lcd proyektor semarang. I go for the shapes as it may seem strange, the photo of a basket can even say more than a photo of a city panorama the first photo actually contains little information, a few lines, clean shapes. The second can contain a bunch of lines, colors, and shapes that make the scene indecipherable or heavy. Obviously also to the lights and the shadows where there are lines often and willfully we will find ourselves also with particularly sharpened chiaroscuro games. Something we have to learn to treasure.Only fault, the lines are a bit crooked but it is the fault of the perspective and the snap point.

Approach, more, more …

The roots, as mentioned before, do not have them. And if moving around is to find unusual shots, moving around also serves to avoid zooming. Approaching our subject, perhaps using a large opening, allows us to limit the depth of field and fill the scene.

Ah, the hot tones

Take when the sun is low on the horizon, like sunset or dawn. In these hours the light crosses more atmosphere and the diffraction absorption effects are greater than a zenith sun situation. It follows that the colors are much warmer. A picture in these conditions is more poetic. Do not you want to dawn No problem white balance helps us. During the day, with full sunlight, move the white balance to NUDE the machine processor will compensate slightly by increasing red and yellow, creating a minimum of sunset effect.

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