Photographic Composition – The Golden Rule

Photographic Composition – The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a rule less and less used in photography although there are examples and photographers who still engage in applying it. Historically the golden rule experienced its greatest splendor during the Renaissance, when it was often used by some of the great masters of painting, but its roots lie in ancient Greece.

The Golden Rule considers a fundamental part of an image that is located in the lower right corner of the scene akusaraprosound. The image then protrudes upwards for a quarter and to the left of a further quarter. In case, however, reasons to Arabic (then reading from right to left) the golden rule must be overturned and the predominant angle is the one at the bottom left. The reading direction is therefore the discriminating our brain tends to focus right in the area where ends the writing so it is in that area that should be entered the most important content of our image.The latter in fact has radically changed in moving with a form that is so unlike from the first to engage our brains more than the square to locate the simile with the first triangle.

The golden rule is based on the so-called golden number the latter indicates the relationship between two different lengths of which the greater is the average proportional between the minor and the sum of the two. The same ratio should also be between the smaller length and their difference. But maybe it’s best to write it in the form of a formula. Defined at the longest length and b the lower length, we have

This ratio is approximately 1.6180 and is expressed by the formula

This value, called the golden section or gold number, is an irrational number, so it can not be represented by fraction of integers. The Aura number can be approximated by the relationships between two successive terms of the Fibonacci sequence (to which it is bound).

Starting from this value, you can build a set of figures along which to develop the image. The shell above is the most common example if you put a ruler you will realize how all the sides are related to the gold number. But this is not the only design obtainable the golden triangle, for example, was used by Leonardo in the Gioconda.

In photography, the golden rule, to be honest, is often used unconsciously

Or in an even simpler and more banal way

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