Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones

Placed among the best midrange alternatives, these headphones are a jewel for both comfort and sound quality. With a curved design, they have a very ergonomic bearing on the bow and halls that adhere perfectly to the ear, ensuring a very firm grip. The design is also very stylish, with pavilions that must not envy any model. Moreover, the latter can also be snapped both vertically and horizontally, for maximum ergonomics. Very robust, they guarantee durability and shock resistance and exemplary trauma. The audio quality, with the bass defined at the most, and the highs too full and detailed, never leaves any desire for any kind of music. The price is 72.77 euros, discounted by 99 euros.

AKG K121 Studio Headphones

AKG is one of the top rated brands, and at a very uncompromising price it offers a professional headset that suits any kind of need for sound. The pavilions are circular and at first glance it may look like an ergonomic design, but it’s far from that teknorus. It consists of a double bow, one of which is used to adjust the width according to its head. It has a response from 18 to 22500 Hertz and an exceptional 55 Ohm impedance, and is among the cheaper headphones to have monstrous features. In addition to listening to music, the headset also lends itself to watching movies with a total immersion in the atmospheres thanks to the thick medium-high tones. The price of this Golden Glitter headset on Amazon is 77 euros, discounted by 85.78 euros and free shipping.

The phone is compatible with hearing aids, and features emergency hot keys.

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