These Are The Things That Need To Disappear From Your Kitchen!

These Are The Things That Need To Disappear From Your Kitchen!

Empty bottles, cups of any color, old faded rubbers … this scenario is familiar to you If you answered yes then you have to read this article! In many kitchens there are so many unnecessary objects, unused utensils, never used reusable envelopes, and ever-open kitchen books. The result The total chaos, an overwhelming feeling! This clearly has a negative impact on the design of the kitchen, which in full disorder will never be valued as it should.

Cooking books

Let’s talk about it, no one really reads cooking books anymore. Now the recipes are on the internet, for example if you want to cook a chocolate flan, online you will find all the possible variants, with attached suggestions for trimming! So, why block your work plan unnecessarily

Colored cups

The colored cups are adorable, they like everyone. But we all have a number of friends to return from a trip to bring a gift a souvenir cup, so in the end you end up with a plethora of cups of every shape, color and size, destined to occupy a lot of space, no Never be used – because, you know, everyone has their own favorite cup for breakfast. So, betrothed to sentimentality, do it!

Reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags, those weave, are undoubtedly useful, but how many will they ever need Once you have one, you’re in place, do not collect them!
Advance food takeaway

Throwing away food is an insult to misery, but unfortunately often happens, especially when you take out takeaway. The best thing is to think about it before and order it less.

Old faded towels

Walking into a kitchen and find the faded towels, maybe full of holes, used for years, immediately gives a feeling of squalor and neglect. Every time you do a sorting and throw away those too old, perhaps replacing them with other colorful, your kitchen will benefit!
Envelopes in the supermarket

Keeping the supermarket plastic bags does not serve anything.

Unnecessary equipment

Everyone in the kitchen has some items that we do not usually use or that we have never used. Ultra-technological blenders, tools to sliced ??vegetables in an aesthetically perfect way … tell the truth, do you really need it Or do they only occupy space unnecessarily

An immense set of kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are useful, nothing to complain about. But honestly, how many do you use them Do not let yourself be dragged from the current mode or teleshopping and keep in the kitchen only the ones you actually use.

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