Whole Costumes, The Most Beautiful Of Summer 2014

Whole Costumes, The Most Beautiful Of Summer 2014

Again this year the entire costume is confirmed by the must have to wear on the beach and put it in suitcase. It is pretty good for everyone, however, choosing a model suitable for camouflaging defects and small blemishes, and you should wear it in the afternoon or not during the hottest hours of the day, and absolutely never in the sun.

Just like last year sewa perlengkapan bayi, but with a lot of determination, the whole costume is back to be one of the musts of the summer 2014 thanks to the outbreak of our favorite brands and designers who have been very good at reinventing a cult that up to some A year ago we probably would not have worn it because it would make us feel old, years when wearing a whole piece meant no longer having the physical for the bikini.

This year instead the choice of costume and model becomes only and exclusively a matter of style, and far from being considered retro or older, the whole costume becomes one of the musts to put in suitcase and wear on vacation.

Whole costume is it good for everyone

Unlike the bikini that in some cases may not put us at ease, the whole costume is one of those garments that if chosen with care can fit to any kind of physical, and no doubt for a couple of years the piece Unique , as we once called it, is one of the most curvy models, but not only. Whether you have a longline or buttery silhouette, it’s important to choose the right model for your line, trying to mask imperfections and defects. If, for example, this year you feel you have not passed the bikini test for full marks to find yourself in that bountiful bacon binge, then your choice will have to fall on a full swimsuit with rotten belts to disguise the waistline. Anyone who has a small breasts, as the whole costume tends to flatten the shapes, should wear one with preformed cups, so as to avoid the surfboard effect.

Whole part when wearing it

Not for the first sun, unless you want to find yourself with your whole white belly, risking you feel uncomfortable as soon as you wear a bikini. The overall costume in general is more suitable for the afternoon and should not be worn during the hottest hours of the day unless you decide to stay under the umbrella.

Are you this year also tempted by the whole costume Try to take a look at our gallery!

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